It is said that+从句及其他类似句型

4.3 It is said that+从句及其他类似句型 

一些表示“据说”或“相信”的动词如believe, consider, expect, report, say, suppose, think等可以用于句型“It+be+过去分词+that从句”或“主语+be+过去分词+to do sth.”。   

It is said that… 据说„„  

It is reported that…据报道„„  

It is believed that…大家相信„„  

It is hoped that…大家希望„„  

It is well known that…众所周知„„  

It is thought that…大家认为„„  

It is suggested that…据建议„„      

It is said that the boy has passed the national exam.  


(=The boy is said to have passed the national exam. )

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