三、量词的用途 Functions

(一)量词不能单独做句子成分。 Measure words can not serve as sentence elements by themselves.

(二)量词总是跟在数词或指示代词后边结合成数量词组等充 当句子成分。例如: Measure words are always preceded by numerals or demonstrative pronouns (Such combinations are called numeral measure word phrases. ) to function as sentence elements. For example:
他买了一个杯子。 (做定语) ( as an attributive)
我得去一趟。 (做补语) ( as a complement)
黄教授一次讲不完。 (做状语) ( as a adverbial adjunct)
一件多少钱? (做主语) ( as a subject)
我想买两支。 (做宾语) ( as an object)

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