An onomatopoeic word is one which imitates the sound of a thing or an action. For example:
哗哗(流水声)(sound of water flowing)
哈哈(笑声)( sound of laughter)
叮当(金属、瓷器碰撞的声音)( clink of metal or porcelain ware)
轰隆 (雷声、机器声、炮声)( sound of thunder, machine or artillery)
呼呼(刮风声)(sound of wind)
乒乓(打乒乓球的声音、形容枪声、比较清脆的声音) ( the sound of ping-pong ball, used to describe loud and clear sound, such as gun firing)
扑通(重物落地或落水的声音) ( sound of a big weight falling onto the ground or into the water)

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