Grammatical features

二、主谓词组的语法特点 Grammatical features

(一)主调词组的词序是固定的,前边是“主”,后边是 “谓”。 The order of the two constituents is fixed with the subject preceding the predicate.

(二)前边是“主”,是被陈述的对象,经常由名词、代词充当; 后边的是“谓”,是陈述“主”的,常由动词、形容词充当。例如: The first constituent of a S-P phrase is usually a noun or pronoun serving as a topic or the subject, and the second one, usually a verb or an adjective, is the predicate describing the subject. For example:
我看 (“我”是代词,是“主”;“看”是动词, 是“谓”) ( The pronoun我 is the subject and 看, a verb, the predicate. )
目的明确 (“目的”是名词,是“主”;“明确”是 形容词,是“谓”) (The noun 目的 is the subject and 明确, an adjective, the predicate. )

(三)两个词之间不用任何虚词连接。 No function word whatsoever is used between the two constituents.

(四)主谓词组的重音一般在后一个词上。 The second constituent is normally stressed in pronunciation.

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