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Environment 环境

I'm going to start helping the environment more. 我要开始更多地保护环境。

I'm "going green". 我要走向环保绿化。
I want to go green。我想变得有环保意识。 
I want to help out the environment. 我想帮助改善环境。

That's cool. Maybe I do the same. 那很好,或许我也可以那样做。

A lot of people are doing that lately. It shouldn't be too hard. 最近好多人都这么做。应该不太难。

2. I'm starting to buy only organic foods. 我开始只买有机食品。

I'm not buying any food that is grown with chemicals or pesticides. 我不买那些使用化学物质或杀虫剂的食品。 
All of the food I'm buying is organic. 我所买的食品都是有机的。
That's healthier for you and the environment. 这对你的健康和环境都有好处。

♦ organic adj. 有机的,有机物的

3. I've been filling up my recycling bin faster than my trash can! 我的回收桶填满的速度比垃圾桶都要快!

I always have to change my recycling bin before the trash. 我总是先换我的回收桶再换垃圾桶。
I think I recycle way more than throw away. 我觉得我循环利用的东西比扔掉的东西要多。 

That's good. 很好。

♦ bin n.容器,箱子 
♦ trash n. 垃圾,废物

4. I'm going to help my friend pick up some litter today. 今天我要帮朋友去捡垃圾。

My friend and I are going to pick up litter today. 今天我和我朋友要去捡垃圾。 
I'm volunteering with my friend. We're going to go around and pick up trash. 我和我朋友都志愿去周围转转捡垃圾。 
I'm picking up litter today with a friend. 我今天和一个朋友去捡垃圾。

Cool. Can I come?太好了,我能去吗? 
I'll help you out too, if you want to it. 如果需要的话,我也去帮你们。

♦ Have fun. 祝你们愉快。 
♦ litter n. 废弃物
5. I'm trying to conserve energy by turning out the lights when I leave a room. 我离开房间的时候,我都关灯来节省能源。

I've been turning out the lights when I leave the room, so I can conserve energy. 当我离开房间的时候会把灯关掉,所以我能节省能源。 
I want to conserve more energy. I turn out the lights when I leave a room. 我想节省更多的能源。当我离开房间的时候会把灯关掉。 

I do that too.我也那样做。 

Yeah, and it lowers your electric bill. 是的,这样还可以减少电费。

♦ conserve vt. 保存,节省

6. I'm going to ride my bike around more often so I save money on gas and pollute less often. 我经常骑自行车, 所以我节省了汽油钱,也减少了污染。

I don't want to pollute so much, so i'll ride my bike around. 我不想有太多污染,所以我去附近的地方就骑自行车。 
If I ride my bike more often I won't pollute as much and I'll save money. 如果我经常骑自行车,就不会造成太多的污染,还能省钱。


That's a good idea. 是个好主意。

7. Are you doing anything to help the environment? 你做了什么事来帮助保护环境吗?

Are you taking any steps to help out the environment? 你有采取什么措施来改善环境吗? 
What are you doing to save the environment? 你有做什么事情来拯教环境吗?
It's really important to me, so I've been doing a lot. 这对于我来说很重要,所以我做了很多。 
I've been doing some things here and there. 我一直到处在做一些事情。

I'm not too worried about it. 我不是很担心环境。

8. What can we do to protect the environment 我们可以做些什么来保护环境?

We can use public transport instead of taking our cars for a start. 我们可以乘坐公共交通设施代替自驾车。 
Don't use disposable things such as disposable wooden chopsticks, disposable paper tissues.不要使用一次性的东西,比如一次性筷子、一次性餐巾纸。

♦ disposable adj. 用完即丟弃的,一次性使用的 
♦ tissues n. 纸巾

Environment Conversation 对话

Kevin: Hey mom. I was thinking of going green 

Mom: Oh, that's great, honey. Do you need any help? 

Kevin: Well I already recycle and buy recycled goods, but I'm not sure what else I could do.

Mom: I have a book about it that I can let you borrow.
Kevin: That'd be great! Are there any programs in the area that I could volunteer in? 

Mom: I think there's a committee that goes around and picks up litter every weekend.
妈妈: 我想有一个每周末都在附近捡垃圾的委员会吧。

Kevin: Do you think you could look that up for me? 

Mom: Sure, I try to look it up online and get you a phone number.
妈妈:当然。我试着在上给你找找, 我会给你找到电话号码的。 

Kevin: Thanks mom! 

Mom: No problem, sweetie.

♦ recycle vt. 使循环,再次使用

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