1004 报刊杂志


Newspapers and Magazines 报刊杂志 

1. I got a subscription to TIME magazine. 我订了一份《时代》杂志。


I bought a monthly subscription for TIME Magazine. 我买了一份《时代》杂志的月刊。

I get the new issues of TIME magazine every month. 我每个月都能得到一期新的《时代》杂志。
I will get all the new issues of TIME magazine, because I subscribed. 我订了《时代》杂志,所以我能得到最新一期的。 

That's pretty cool. 那很不错。
That's a good magazine. 那份杂志很好。

What kind of articles do they write? 上面的文章是什么类型的?

♦ subscription n. 预订,订阅

2. They write a lot of articles about politics and current events. 他们写了许多关于时事政治方面的文章。

Most of the articles deal with current events and politics. 大部分文章都是关于时事政治的。
The majority of the magazine focuses around politics and current Events. 这一杂志的大部分内容都是关注时事政治的。 
They mostly just write about politics and current events. 他们主要写有关时事政治的文章。 

Maybe I should buy a subscription for my parents, then. 那也许我应该给我父母订一份。

That doesn't sound like my type of magazine. 听起来不是我喜欢的杂志类型。
I don't really like that kind of magazine. 我不喜欢那种杂志。

That's awesome. I'll buy an issue and see how I like it. 很不错。我买一期看看喜不喜欢。 

♦ current adj. 现时的,当前的

3. I got the newest issue in the mail today. 今天我信箱里收到了最新一期的报纸。

My new issue came in the mail today. 今天我的信箱里收到了新一期的报纸。 
I got the latest Issue in the mail. 我从信箱里取到了最新的报纸。 
The new issue came in the mail. It was just released today. 我的信箱里有新一期的报纸,是今天才发行的。 

You get them right away? Wow, that's impressive. 你这么快就收到了?哇,太不可思议了。 

How is it? Is there anything interesting in it? 怎么样?有什么有意思的东西吗?

♦ issue n. 发行(物),一次发行量 
♦ impressive adj. 给人深刻印象的,令人钦佩的
4. Serious magazines bore me. I prefer magazines that focus around hobbies, like video games. 我不喜欢严肃的杂志。我更喜欢欢那种关注个人爱好的杂志,比如电子游戏类的。

I like a few video game magazines more than the boring, serious ones 比起这些枯燥产肃的杂志我更喜欢那些电子游戏类杂志。 
I'd rather read magazines about video games than the ones about politics. 比起政治类的杂志我更喜欢看电子游戏类的。 
Video game magazines are more interesting to me. The ones about more serious topics tend to bore me. 对于我来说,电子游戏类的杂 志更有意思。那些关于严肃话题的杂志让我讨厌。 
I don't like serious magazines. I like lighter ones, like video game magazines or ones that deal with hobbies. 我不喜欢严肃的杂志。我喜欢更轻松一些的,像电子游戏类的或者是关于兴趣爱好的。

I agree, man. Senior magazines can be depressing. 我同意你的说法, 哥们儿。严肃的杂志让人感觉压抑。 

I don't know. Some serious magazines are pretty interesting Sometimes. 我不知道。有时候一些严肃的杂志也挺有趣的。

♦ video game 视频游戏,电子游戏 
♦ depressing adj. 压抑的,使人沮丧的

5. My favorite band had an interview in last month's issue of Roling Stole, so I bought it. 上个月那期《滚石乐队》杂志有我最喜欢的乐队的专访,所以我就买了。


I bought a Rolling Stone magazine last month, because it had an interview with my favorite band. 我买了上个月的一份《滚石乐队》 杂志,因为上面有我最喜欢的乐队的专访。 
There was an interview with my favorite band in last month's issue of Rolling Stone, and I bought it just for that reason. 上个月那期《滚石乐队》杂志有我最喜欢的乐队的专访,所以我买了一份。
That's cool. Was it a good interview? 真好。那个专访精彩吗? 

That's the only reason you bought it, man? 那就是你买这份杂志的原因,伙计? 

That sounds awesome. I want to borrow it sometime. 听起来很不错啊。什么时候借给我看看。 
Can I borrow it? I want to read the interview. 能借给我看看吗?我想看那个专访。

6. When is the next issue out? 下一期什么时候出?

How often does this magazine Come out? 这种杂志多长时间出一期?
When was the newspaper first issued? 这报纸是什么时候开始发行的?

♦ come out 出版

Newspapers and Magazines Conversation 对话

Kevin: Hey, do you have the newest issue of Sports Illustrated? 

Store clerk: We might have more behind the counter 

Kevin: Oh, could please get one if you do?

Store clerk: Sure, let me check.

Kevin: Thank you.
凯文: 谢谢你。 

Store clerk: I found a few copies. Let me put some on the rack and then l'l bring you out.
商店职员: 我看到好多份。我拿出来一些就到架子上,然后给你取出来。 

Kevin: Alright, thanks. Do you read it? 
Store clerk: Sometimes, but I don't read it all the time. It's has some pretty cool stuff in it, though.
商店职员: 有时看, 但是没一直看。不过里面有很多精彩的内容。

Kevin: Yeah, I've been buying it for a few months now and I love it.

Store clerk: I have a few friends that have a subscription to it, so I borrow t when there's an article I want to read. 
商店职员:我有好多朋友都订了这份杂 志,所以如果我想读里面的哪篇文章了就我他们借。

Kevin: That's awesome! I guess I‘m that friend for everyone else (laughs). Thank you. Have a nice day.
凯 文 :那太好了!我想我就是其他人的那个朋友(笑)。谢谢,祝你愉快。 

Store clerk: You too. 

♦ rack n. 架子

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