1404 手术及护理


Operation and Care 手术及护理 

1. I have to get an operation. 我得接受手术。

I'm getting surgery. 我要接受外科手术。 
I have to get surgery. 我得接受外科手术。

That sounds awful. I hope it goes well. 那听起来好恐怖,我希望手术顺利。

2 What kind of operation am I getting? 我要接受什么手术?

Could you explain the operation, please? 请你说一下这手术好吗? 
Can you please tell me what the operation will be like? 你能告诉我一下这手术会怎么样吗? 
I'd like to know more about the kind of operation I'll be getting. 我想更多地了解我将接受的这个手术的情况。 

Of course. It's a simple operation. We just have to remove some fluid from your lungs. 当然可以。这是一个简单的手术,我们只是需要 把你肺部的粘液清除掉就可以了。
Yes. It won't be too bad. We're just getting rid of excess fluid from your lungs. 好的,不会很糟糕的,我们只是把你肺部多余的粘液清除掉。 
We're only operating a bit on your lungs, so we can get the extra fluid out. 我们只要在你的肺部做个小手术,那样我们就能把多余的粘液清除出去了。

♦ remove vt. 移除,去掉
♦ get rid of 除去,去掉

3. Am I going to have local or general anesthesia?我是要进行局部麻醉呢还是全身麻醉?

Am I going to get knocked out or will only one area be numbed? 我是要全身麻醉呢还是只需麻醉一个地方就行? 
What kind of anesthesia will be used? 将用哪种麻醉呢? 
Please tell me about the anesthesia you will be using on me. 请告诉我你们将对我用哪种麻醉。 

We're going to use general anesthesia, so you'll be unconscious the whole time. 我们会用全身麻醉,所以在整个过程中你是没有知觉的。 

♦ local anesthesia 局部麻醉 
♦ general anesthesia 全身麻醉
♦ get knocked out 昏睡,昏倒
♦ numb vt.使失去感觉,是麻木
♦ unconscious adj. 不省人事的

4. How long will the operation take? 手术要花多长时间?

Will it be a long operation? 手术会很长吗? 
Is this operation going to take long? 这个手术会花很长时间吗? 

The operation should only take a little more than an hour. 这个手术应该只要花一个多小时的时间。 
It's not going to take very long. 不会花很长时间的。
5. I need to fast before my operation. 手术前我需要禁食。

I can't eat or drink for 3 hours before my operation. 手术前三个小时我不能吃喝。 
I have to fast for 3 hours before the surgery, right? 手术前三个小时我得禁食, 对吗? 

Yes, most surgeries require a fasting period beforehand. 是的, 大多数手术需要预先禁食一段时间。 
That's correct. You can't eat or drink before the surgery for at least 3 hours. 没错,至少手术前三小时你不能吃喝。 

♦ fast vi. 禁食 
♦ beforehand adv. 预先,事先

6. I'm going into surgery soon. 我马上就要手术了。

I'll be getting my surgery in a bit. 我一会儿就要手术了
I'll get my operation soon. 我马上就要手术了。 

I'll be in the waiting room. 我会在候诊室的。 
Tell me how it goes when it's finished. 结束的时候告诉我手术的进展情况。

7. My Surgery went fine. 我的手术进展顺利。

I'm sore, but the surgery went alright. 我好痛,但手术进展还好。 
My operation was successful. 我的手术很成功。 
I'm in some pain, but at least the surgery went well. 我有些疼, 但至少手术进展顺利。

I'm glad to hear you're okay. 听到你没事我很高兴。 
That's great! I'll have to plan a visit to see you. 我正打算去看你呢。

8. How long will it take to recover? 要多长时间才能康复呢?

Will the surgery take long to recover from? 这手术要花很长时间才能康复吗?
It won't take long to recover from, will it? 不会花很长时间康复,是吧? 

If it is successful, it will only take a few days. 如果成功的话,只要花几天的时间。 
It shouldn't take more than a few days to recover from. 康复的话应该不需要花几天的时间。 
The operation won't take too long recover from.手术康复不会花太长时间的。 

♦ recover (kava vi. 恢复,康复

9. Will I need to change my diet temporarily? 我需要暂时改变饮食吗?

Do I need to change my eating habits for a while? 我需要暂时改变饮食习惯吗? 
Should I change my eating habits at all? 我该完全改变饮食习惯吗? 

No, that won't be necessary. 不用,那没必要 
Not at all, you can eat what you want. 一点都不用,你可以吃任何你想吃的东西。

Yes, but only for a few days. 是的,不过只需几天就行。 

temporarily adv. 暂时地,临时地

10. It's time to take your temperature. 现在是给你测体温的时间。

Your temperature must be taken twice a day. 你的体温应该一天测两次。
I'll take your pulse. 我要给你测脉搏。
All right. Thank you very much. 好的,多谢你了。

♦ puls n. 脉搏

11. How often am supposed to take this pill? 这药我一天吃几次?

How can I take the medicine? 这药我该怎么吃? 

Two capsules three times daily. 一天三次,一次服两粒胶囊。 
One tablet, three times daily. 一天三次,一次一片。 
Take the medicine after eating. 饭后服药。

♦ take the medicine 服药
capsule n. 胶囊

Operation and Care Conversation 对话

Kevin: I have to go into surgery soon.

Mom: I know, honey. 

Kevin: I'm pretty nervous about it. 

Mom: Don't worry, you'll be okay. The surgeon said it was a simple operation.

Kevin: I hope I heal up fast, though. 

Mom: I'm sure you will. You're a strong person. 

Kevin: Thanks for the reassurance, mom. 

Mom: No problem, sweetie. I'll be there the second you get out of surgery. 

Kevin: Okay. I love you. 

Mom: Love you too.

♦ heal up 痊愈
♦ reassurance n. 安慰

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