Grammatical features

Grammatical features
Most adjectives can be modified by adverbs of degree. For example:
很对 最好 特别大 非常干净

(二)否定式是在形容词前用否定副词“不”。 The negative adverb is placed before an adjective for the negative form.

(三)可以用正反式提问。例如: The affirmative-negative question can be formed by putting together the affirmative and negative forms of the adjective. For example:

对不对? 干净不干净? 长不长?

(四)有些形容词可以重叠,表示程度加深。双音节形容词的 重叠形式是AABB。例如: Some adjectives can be reduplicated for intensification. The reduplicative form for dissyllabic adjective is AABB. For example:
长长 高高 整整齐齐 安安静静

(五)后边不能带宾语。 Adjectives do not take objects.

(六)后边可以带补充成分。例如: Adjectives can be followed by complements. For example:
聪明极了 漂亮得很 快三秒钟 好多了

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