Grammatical features

二、动宾词组的语法特点 Grammatical features

(一)动宾词组的词序是固定的,动词一定在前边。 The order of constituents of a V-0 phrase is fixed: the verb precedes the object.

(二)前一个词是及物动词,表示动作、行为;后一个词是表 示受前边动作行为的影响或支配的人或事物。 The first constituent of a V-0 phrase is a transitive verb indicating an action or behavior, while the second refers to the person or thing affected by the action.

(三)动词后边直接带宾语,中间不需要用虚词。 No function word is used between the verb and its object.

(四)动宾词组的重音一般在宾语上。 Normally the stress of a V-O phrase falls on the object in pronunciation.

(五)动宾词组中动词后边可以带动态助词或补语。 An aspectual particle or complement can be used after the verb of a V-O phrase.

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