Classification of phrases

词组的种类 Classification of phrases

There are a variety of phrases in Chinese, of which the following 11 are the commonly used ones:

1.联合词组 The coordinative phrase

The subject-predicate (S-P) phrase

  1. 动宾词组
    The verb-object (V-0) phrase
  2. 偏正词组
    The endocentrie phrase
  3. 数量词组
    The numeral-measure phrase
  4. 补充词组
    The complementary phrase word (N-Mw) phrase
  5. 方位词组
    The locality phrase
  6. 同位词组
    The appositive phrase
  7. 固定词组
    The set phrase
    The prepositional phrase
    The 的-phrase

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