21.5 must表示推测 
 1) must用在肯定句中表示较有把握的推测,意为"一定"。
 2) must表对现在的状态或现在正发生的事情的推测时, must 后面通常接系动词be 的原形或行为动词的进行式。 
   You have worked hard all day.You must be tired.  你辛苦干一整天,一定累了。(对现在情况的推测判断)
   He must be working in his office. 他一定在办公室工作呢。

    He must be staying there. 
    He must stay there. 
 3) must 表示对已发生的事情的推测时,must 要接完成式。
   I didn't hear the phone. I must have been asleep. 我刚才没有听到电话,我想必是睡着了。

 4) must表示对过去某时正发生的事情的推测,must 后面要接不定式的完成进行式。
  ---Why didn't you answer my phone call?
  ---Well, I must have been sleeping, so I didn't hear it.

 5) 否定推测用can't。
   If Tom didn't leave here until five o'clock, he can't be home yet. 如果汤姆五点才离开这儿,他此时一定还未到家。

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