8.2 forget doing/to do
 forget to do 忘记要去做某事。 (未做)
 forget doing 忘记做过某事。  (已做)
 The light in the office is stil on. He forgot to turn it off.
 He forgot turning the light off. 
 他忘记他已经关了灯了。    ( 已做过关灯的动作)
 Don't forget to come tomorrow.
 别忘了明天来。         (to come动作未做)

 ---- The light in the office is still on.
 ---- Oh,I forgot___.          
  A. turning it off  B. turn it off  C. to turn it off  D. having turned it off
  答案:C。由the light is still on 可知灯亮着,即关灯的动作没有发生,因此用forget to do sth.
而forget doing sth表示灯已经关上了,而自己忘记了这一事实。此处不符合题意。

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