6.2 worth 的用法
worth,worthy,worth-while都为adj. 意为"值得"。
1. worth: be worth + n.  当名词为金钱时,表示"…… 值得……"
 be worth doing sth. "……某事值得被做"
   The question is not worth discussing again and again.

2. worthy:be worthy of +n. 当名词为抽象名词时表示"……值得……"
 be worthy to be done "某事值得被做"
   The question is not worthy to be discussed againand again.

3. worth-while: be worth-while to do sth  "值得做某事"
  worth while: It is worth while doing sth
         It is worth while sb to do sth.

It is not ____ to discuss the question again and again.
A.worth B.worthy C.worth-while D.worth while
答案C. 由worth的用法可知,此句只适合词组be worth-while to do sth.。因此选C。

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